Monday, January 12, 2009

La Stalla di TiNiO

The week of Christmas 2008, my two brothers received the delivery of their glass cabinets. And when I laid my eyes on them, whoa!!! I was impressed! It was nicely crafted, I felt the urge that it's time for me to order one for myself.

Unfortunately when I placed my order, it was already the long holidays and the supplier doesn't have enough materials to put it up together. He said, I had to wait for about a week or two.

So last weekend, my first display cabinet was delivered. :)

From the pickup cab...
...being carried towards our house...
...setting it up on it's designated location......installing the replacement mirror on top (uniformed along with the cabinets)......the cabinet fitted on its place...Here are the contents. My Ferrari MSC F1 and Red Road Cars. ...a closer look...It was my first time to put out my collections and I didn't realized it would be very tiring, difficult and confusing all at the same time which one goes where.

But it was a lot of fun while placing each car and arranging them. After all the arrangements, I felt great relief and satisfaction.
Btw, you may view the complete album here. Thanks for lookin'. ;)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Kyosholution 2009

Here's my Top 10 + 2 Diecast Resolution of 2009.
01. Focus!!! Focus!!! Focus!!!
02. Priority to Ferrari. No other lines for awhile (crossing my fingers).
03. Priority to 1:18 scales at least for the 1st half of 2009.
04. For 1:64 scales, One brand only. And that is...
05. Kyosho
06. Kyosho
07. Kyosho
08. Kyosho
09. Kyosho
10. Kyosho
11. Kyosho
12. Kyosho

My glass display cabinet will be arriving real soon. Yehey!!! :D I'd love to see all my 1:18 Ferrari Reds beautifully placed inside it.
So, I hope I can sustain this till the end of the year. Hehehehe. :D :D :D

TFV. ;)

What's your diecast resolution for 2009?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ferrari Racers - Reds

Hmmm...let me start my first toy car blog with a small "BANG". Hehehehe. :D

So, here it goes...

A month or so before the Christmas holidays, local toy stores like Toy Kingdom, Toys R Us, Kids Station and the likes has released the new series of Ferrari Racers. Upon knowing about it from fellow Ferrari collectors, I was determined to get all of the reds (I am an avid red collector). But unfortunately, the reds are the first one to disappear from the pegs especially the F430 Challenge. Literally, it was really a challenge to have one.

Then finally, on Christmas eve, I got to hold of this elusive item. A fine piece for a gift to myself I might say.

Then on Christmas day, a friend of mine arrived from abroad and sent me a text message saying he got me the small favor I have asked. A few days later he handed me this TRU bag.

Guess what's inside?

A set of 1:43 Ferrari Reds!!! Plus another 1pc each of the Enzo, F40 and F430!!!

You can imagine, I was jumping like a boy in glee.

To top it all, it was a Christmas gift!!! Thanks a lot Prep prep Mike!!! ;)

Then after the new year, I got to meet another friend...Jowee. He hand me this two as gifts also.

Thanks a lot too Bro Jowee!!! And Happy Birthday again!!! ;)

What a nice way to sign-off my collection year 2008. And I am so grateful to have such generous Santa friends. May GOD bless you always. :)

How about you, what did Santa gave you on Christmas Day and New Year?

BTW, you may view the entire album here. Thanks for lookin'. ;)

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Blogging Home

photo lifted from web

This will be my new toy cars blogging home.

Soon to post my new acquisitions and finds for 2009 and beyond.

Happy New Year, welcome and many thank yous in advance for viewing/reading in this space. ;)