Thursday, December 31, 2009

TiNiO Toy Cars 2009: A Year Ender

TTC started the year with Kyosholution. A diecast resolution of 2009. Promised to only acquire Kyosho diecasts (in all scales), but unfortunately, it never happened. Kyosho items was so scarce in this part of the world. Only got a few from occasional sellers during club swapmeets.

Then came the first display cabinet. It was a joy to see those 1:18's finally set free from their boxes.

Some bad news came along too, as favorite friendly toy/hobby shops closed down due to global economic downturn. In the event, everyone was affected. Everyone restrained (set to minimum) in buying.
Though it was a welcome relief to the wallet. Annual diecast spending was cut down by over 50% from 2007-to-2008 levels and will be further cut down in 2010. In preparation to a new 1:1? We'll see.

And while Kyosho was scarce, Matchbox flourished in abundance. Matchbox's lineup was simply astonishing and can't resist that collections of them grew 3 folds while cutting down on other brands like Hot Wheels (almost zero purchase if only for some Ferrari's and Larry's Garage Dairy Delivery during the last quarter), Johnny Lightning, Tomica...etc.
Then for several months, diecast collecting/ blogging took a backseat.

Third quarter of the year came super typhoons and another sad episode, some friend collectors where greatly affected having their collections suffered and lost from the wrath. But still thankful that only tiny little cars were affected and that no lives has been lost.

Towards the end of the year, became more focused to some of Tomica lines which hoped will be completed by 2010 barring any distractions.

As 2009 wind down, had made a modest collection. While it was difficult in fulfilling promises made from the resolution, some lines where completed in the process.
On with 2010 diecast resolution. What should it be?

Now, how would you summed up your diecast collection year?
Here's wishing you a New Diecastfull Year 2010 and thanks for reading.

Sunday, December 27, 2009