Monday, July 7, 2014

WDIBT: Grateful Dairy Delivery

Here's what I catched last weekend. :D

It's been awhile since I bought for my Dairy Delivery line. Part of a six car (GD Truck, VW T1 Panel Bus, VW Drag Bus, Dream Van XGW PanelVW Baja Beetle and Dairy Delivery)  POP Culture series from Hot Wheels.

Photo lifted from web

Additions to my growing Morris Mini #77 army. Some might end up for trade. :D Notice the US card on the left compare to the PH card.

Third copy of Honda Civic EF (aqua recolor).

A loose Ferrari F12 silver.

Some SIKU Porsche 911 GT2 to complete the casting. ;)

Back when I was in the US, I set loose/freed some cars. And when I returned home I have no space to put them. 

Bought Jammers for parking.  ;)

Thanks for lookin'. ;)


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

WDIBT: Back To The Future

Happy 1st of July!!! :D ;)

I'm a big fan of the Back To The Future (BTTF) movie series but I never had any on my collection until now. I can't say why maybe because I don't collect movie cars. But now, I came to realize that I am missing a lot in collecting BTTFs. :(

 Anyways, I got this Hot Wheels Back To The Future 1987 Toyota Pickup that Marty Mcfly's (Michael J. Fox) pickup truck in the movie. 

BTTF photos lifted from web

Then I got my third Hot Wheels Morris Mini #77 and second Honda Civic EF (aqua recolor).

And lastly, a SIKU Porsche 911 GT2. ;)

Thanks for lookin'. ;)