Monday, March 30, 2009

Blogging Lull

It's been quite awhile since I post a blog. I've been busy at work and have no time for other activities (reviewing my hauls, taking pictures, arrange cars on the display cab...etc) during weekdays. And on weekends, I'm always out of the house most of the time. So, die cast blog related activities are been relegated to the back seat.

But when I read blogs of friends, I felt I have to put this entry just to make my blogging presence felt.

I really do miss blogging.

Hopefully by next week, when I get a weeks vacation during the Lenten season. I can make inventory and take some pictures of my accumulated 2009 first quarter die cast hauls and blog all I can. ;)
Now, here's the latest but sad news from our local die cast scene, another die cast specialty shop (Classic Scales 18) will be closing down due to the global financial crisis. A CS18 staff had sent me an SMS announcing the terrible news that they will be closing shop for good by the end of March 2009. Last month it was Uncle Johnny's (UJ) and now CS18. Who'll be the next?
I guess I have to say "Goodbye" to my favorite Kyosho and Autoart store. Most of my 1:18s came from them. I hope when the economy is OK again, CS18 will be back with a vengeance. Thanks for the tip Lhen.
So, have you been blogging lately?