Friday, July 30, 2010

Volkswagen Scirocco

The Scirocco is a sports coupe manufactured by German automaker Volkswagen (VW), undergoing two generations of development between 1974 and 1992 and reintroduced in a third generation in August, 2008.
The Scirocco name derives from the Italian word for the Sirocco wind — and the period in its history when Volkswagen named vehicles after prominent winds, including also Passat (after the German word for Trade wind), Golf (after Gulf Stream), Bora (after Bora), Polo (after Polar Winds), and Jetta (after Jet stream).
Text and Photo lifted from Web
And recently I bought a lot of Hot Wheels Volkswagen Scirocco's.
What do you think of the VW Scirocco? As a real car and as a diecast model?
You may view the complete album here. Thanks for lookin'. ;)


  1. Hi Tinio,
    I like your style , i mean your displays of car , background , angle, car position & idea.
    It just like having a commercial on the tv.Nice work you have there.
    Keep on the good work.


  2. thanks for the appreciations kin, i'm glad you like the shots. :)