Monday, August 16, 2010

WDIBT? Swapmeet Hauls

Yesterday was our club's bi-monthly swapmeet held at Honda Cars Kaloocan (HCKI). It was fun time bonding with friends and to see/buy tons of beautiful tiny cars know as diecast.

My pre-ordered items (from the US and club premium sellers) was distributed. I got some assorted Hot Wheels that will complete my Ford GT LM & VW Golf GTi and some other cars. Just take a close look at that rare to find Ecto-1! Very nice indeed! The recently released Datsun Bluebird 510 really looks nice in liveried white stock car. The Ferrari 599xx (slowly becoming hard-to-find) and Ferrari California both Speed Machines looks terribly awesome.

Then some assorted Matchbox...Land Rover Defender 110 Anaconda new addition/release, a pair of immaculate white classic Austin Mini Coopers (my mainline and will be posted here soon), additional Ford Explorer Sport Trac (another side collect) and the cute Cliff Hanger. I had never thought I ordered so many of Toyota Land Cruiser Anacondas. You might think that I'm hoarding but no! Those will end up to friends collections. I just helped in the acquisition. ;)

Then some assorted loose-but-mint items...a pair of Land Rover Defender 110 white & green, trio of Chevy Tahoe, additional Ford Expedition, red Brit flag roof BMW Mini Cooper also know as "BINI", a blue Ford Explorer, a VW Samba Van and lastly a very mint dark blue Tomica-esque-but-no-brand Toyota Hilux 4x4.

And finally, I got an army of the most anticipated Tomica Limited Mitsubishi Lancer EX Turbo popularly known here as "Lancer Box Type". ;)

Do you have swapmeets too?

You may view the swapmeet photos on our club forum thread1 & thread2.

Thanks for lookin'. ;)


  1. Great haul! I never knew there was a Navigator in the Hot Tunerz line.

  2. hi louis, glad to have you here. ;) i myself surprised that Hot Tunerz have a Lincoln Navigator. btw, it's my favorite suv.

    thanks for the comment. ;)

  3. Hi Tinio,
    You also like four wheel / off road.Me also have one welly jeep 1:18.
    Nice collection you have there.


  4. nice car there Tinio.
    That lancer box set looks nice.

  5. @kin...yes bro, i do like offroad vehicles especially toyota land cruisers & land rover defenders. thanks. ;)

    @daniel...yeah, the tl lancer box type is very nice...a very detailed version. thanks. ;)