Thursday, December 29, 2011

Four years ago... favorite race car driver walked away from the pinnacle of motorsport Formula One. :(

"I have decided that I am going to retire from racing. It has been an exceptional time, I cannot see I have the energy and motivation for further years. What motorsport has given to me in more than 30 years, I have loved every moment of it, good and bad. Words are not enough and whatever I say now will never fully express how much I love this fascinating world of motor sport and all it has given me. I am profoundly grateful for everything I have had. It has been a tough decision to not work at this level. The day has come and I felt this is the moment. It has naturally been difficult, but all the effort, energy and motivation you need in order to be competitive, I cannot see I have that for further years." - Michael Schumacher
But as we all know, he's back!!! :D
Photo lifted from web
Thanks for lookin, ;)


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