Monday, January 18, 2010

Larry's Garage Bone Shaker

This came from the Hot Wheels TRU exclusive 21 car set Larry's Garage. Mel, a close friend who migrated to the US last year, has left me this beautiful piece to take care until he comes back home. At first, it does not attract me, but until I take a closer look. Wow! I marveled how it was nicely done. It got very very nice fine details. A great piece. Now, I am contemplating if I would start to collect this line. Mel here's your request. :)

Notice the Larry Wood signature. :)

How do you like this one great piece?

Thanks for lookin'. ;)


  1. this bone shaker has nice matching wheels and green colour casting.
    i have this too in my collection.

  2. wow! congrats daniel, i hope to see all of your bone shakers. can't wait to see you post them soon. thanks. ;)