Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lucky Finds Today

I was at the mall and been looking around my favorite toy shops and I found these lucky finds. I was chasing the dark blue Lincoln Navigator for quite sometime and even have some on watch list in Ebay. I'm stunned to see one dangling on the peg. Now, I only need to hunt are the maroon and the white superfast to complete my Matchbox Lincoln Navigator line.

And then I was a bit apprehensive in getting the Jeep Willys since I already have two but thinking it was a variant. When I got home, I immediately checked my stash and to my surprise it really is a variant (rim shades are lighter than the first two I got).

The Ice Cream truck was a no brain er since I already got the first one and I'm afraid another line is in the offing.

So, what's your lucky find?

Thanks for lookin'. ;)


  1. Luck find indeed, congrats bro! Got the Ice Cream Cruiser too last week at TK Mega. Hehehe

  2. @jovet...i was really surprised to see the blue lincoln navigator. :)

    @daniel...i hope my next lucky find will be the two remaining lincoln navigator. thanks. ;)