Sunday, February 16, 2014

WDIBT: Mi Por Pabor

Let me first greet you belated...

Happy Valentine's Day!!! 
Photo lifted from Web

Earlier this week, I was asking a favor to my die cast collector friend Dennis to find me some 2014 Hot Wheels and Matchbox new models. He said, he'll see what he can do.

And then yesterday, me and wife having our post-Valentine date, I visited some of the usual toy hunting grounds and found a few items that I am looking for.

So what did I buy today (WDIBT), I got Hot Wheels Ferrari 458 Italia for my main Ferrari line, Matchbox Porsche 911 GT3, Quick Sander and Dune Dog for my side collections. Glad to find them so Dennis will have less models to look for. :)

check out Matchbox 2014 card on the right

Thanks for lookin'. ;)


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