Tuesday, March 4, 2014

WDIBT: Kolektibols O' Bentabols - March Madness Hauls

Last Saturday, I went to the mall to have my watch batteries replaced. Then I went to a toy shop that I don't visit so often. Going inside, I only have the Hot Wheels Honda Civic EF red in mind. 

So, I ask the Hot Wheels guy if he have a piece stashed away in the stockroom as I already inspected the peg and saw are bunch of peg warmers. The guy went to the stockroom and came back with two boxes of Hot Wheels goodies. We opened the box, and I saw not one but two pieces of Civics and I get them both. The extra piece I will RAOK (random act of kindness) to a friend who's also looking for one. :D


Then I saw a few more cars that interest me. I'm not that into Movie cars but I got three variants of Hot Wheels Batmobile, a Volkswagen Beetle Herbie, The Flintmobile and Scooby Doo's The Mystery Machine. After getting them I thought I'm done.

But wait there's more! :D I also took home some Japanese Domestic Market (JDMs) favorites, Mazda RX-7, Subaru Impreza WRX and the ever popular Toyota AE86. ;)

Picked a few Euro cars too, BMW Z4 M, Porsche Panamera and a modern American Muscle Chevrolet Camaro Special Edition.

And lastly, I got this Volkswagen Kool Kombi. Cute! :)

But everything except for the Civics, all are extras. Would they end up as my Kolektibols (collectibles) or Bentabols (for sale)? Let see.

That's all for my March Madness hauls, this early I already reached my monthly quota. :S

Thanks for lookin'.  ;)


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