Sunday, September 12, 2010

WDIBT? 9/11 Anniversary Hauls

Nine years ago there was a dreadful event that happened in United States of America. And in commemorating the ninth anniversary of 911, I got a few awesome hauls to forget the horrors of that fateful day. :)

I got the missing link to my Ferrari 288 GTO line, the maroon variant from series one release Hot Wheels Ferrari Racer. It is one of my favorite Ferrari casting and will be subject to another interesting post.

Then these much anticipated Matchbox Lesney edition Toyota Land Cruisers finally arrived of which I got two. One's for keep and other one for loose. :D

The Hot Wheels Mini Cooper Super Chromes is a second copy for me. It will be set loose too. ;)

Then the Toys R Us exclusive color blue Hot Wheels Ferrari F430 Challenge which is very elusive to catch. I already have the first two colors, red and yellow. Hmmm...come to think of, blue and yellow...those are colors of the Philippine flag! Alright! A little bit patriotic I might say. :D ;)

And lastly, a loose Hot Wheels Volkswagen Drag Bus. It will serve as a specimen for an upcoming custom graphic designs. I hope to share my own version of custom drag bus graphic designs soon. ;)

So, what did you buy today?

Thanks for lookin'. ;)

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