Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WDIBT? Assorted Items

Geez! It's been a couple days after I can post my weekend hauls. There are assorted of items that I have acquired in exchange to some non-essential (read: impulse buying) diecast cars that I sold and earned a little profit in the process. :D ;)

A couple of years back, when I began seriously taking up this hobby of diecast collection, I have my first main line in Hot Wheels...the Dairy Delivery. There was the "Holiday Rods" series. I only got two colors from the series, red and gold, but never to get hold of the remaining two colors of green and blue. But last Saturday, low and behold, Jun (a close friend of mine) offered me the complete set in an unbelievable bargain price.

Now, I have two reds and golds so the excess pair will definitely be posted on the for sale thread. Anyone buying? ;)

Then I got the VVHTF (very very hard to find) Matchbox Superfast Lincoln Navigator white which was last to be able to complete the line. I will post the complete set soon. Along with it I got the new release Hot Wheels Ferrari 308GTS blue.

Then Geoff (another close friend), got me the on sale "Mean Machine" mean plates. An additional accessories for my Ferrari display. I hope I can get to use them on an public exhibit soon. ;)

And last among the batch of hauls, some Takara Tomy Choro-Q & Q-Steer sold at a bargain price and the 40th Anniversary Tomica Toyota Land Cruiser fresh from Hong Kong care of another friend Edwin.

Coincidentally, last Saturday was also the celebration of Tomica's 40th Anniversary and our club (DCPH) together with the Tomica collector members have a public exhibit at SM Megamall.

I'll post a separate blog about it next. ;)

So, what did you buy today?

Is there an ongoing
Tomica 40th Anniversary celebration in your own neck-of-the-woods?

Thanks for lookin'. ;)

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  1. Hi Tinio,

    Wah....Nice blend of beautifull collection you got there.

    I like the colourfull Holiday rod, Ferrari GTO , Lincoln SUV,Ferrari F360 , 40th anniversary cute version & the jeep.

    I just loving it.