Tuesday, September 14, 2010

WDIOT? Austin Mini Van

Mini Van (1960–1982)
A commercial panel van rated at ¼-ton load capacity. Built on the longer Traveller chassis but without side windows, it proved popular in 1960s Britain as a cheaper alternative to the car: it was classed as a commercial vehicle and as such carried no sales tax. A set of simple stamped steel slots served in place of a more costly chrome grille. The Mini Van was renamed as the Mini 95 in 1978, the number representing the gross vehicle weight of 0.95 tons. 521,494 were built.[20] Despite this renaming, the motoring public continued to call it the Mini Van, as a result of which[citation needed] the class of vehicles known as minivans in other countries are referred to in Britain as MPVs.
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For quite sometime now, I have been opening blisters and I noticed, I am not posting any of my second main line...the Austin Mini Cooper/Van. I was so engrossed opening side collections that I almost forget the main lines. Hehehehe. ;)
But you see, I was just saving the best for last. ;)
Here are some Austin Mini Vans that I liberated from their blisters. ;)
All together
So, what did you open today?
You may view the complete album here. Thanks for lookin'. ;)


  1. Love those Mini Vans, hope Tomica makes them too! =)

  2. Hi Tinio,

    Very rare Mini Cooper c/w a wagon.I never see one before in my life.

    Feel lucky to seen it today.

    "Nice Mini van collection".


  3. Hi Tinio,

    Nice side collect! I love them too!
    I know what the last slot is for... ;)
    the purple MBX BOB or the metallic blue MBX 55th
    anniversary Vintage Restorations Mini Van.

    Congrats and goodluck!
    Btw, thanks for helping out last
    PIMS3 egress. Much appreciated, bro. =)

    Louck aka BINIMINI

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