Sunday, March 16, 2014

WDIBT: Kool Kombi's & Others

So, what did I buy today (WDIBT)? Actually, it was yesterday. :D

Last week, I got a red Hot Wheels Kool Kombi... the past week goes, I got an extra Kombi to trade for one of these two Hot Wheels Honda Civic EFs. 

I'm starting to build an army of EFs for some not so serious mods. Will start with wheel swap first then from there, lets see. Hehehehe. :D

Then I hunt for these two Kombis that I don't have.

And lastly, I got a Corgi 1:32 Ferrari 308 GTS. Yes, you read it right! One for my main line! After buying so many side collects. ;)

A friend of mine offered me this from quite sometime and I just got hold of it yesterday. Actually, it is not yet paid for. It's on a pay-when-able arrangement, right Jun (aka Pinoychum aka Shojiro Wakaoji)? Hehehehe. :D  

I will try to set a photoshoot of this Ferrari for a more in-depth blog, soon. ;)

So, here are my WDIBTs altogether.

Thanks for lookin'. ;)

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